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Our reprint is a copy of an article that has been published in LI Sail magazine. While there are many options available to customize a reprint; the value lies in the third-party endorsement a reputable publication provides.

Whether it is one page or 40-pages, custom reprints deliver your message and get results. Include a cover banner, logo, advertisement and/or highlight editorial content; and your audience will stand up and take notice of your effective marketing message.  Reprints can be an excellent way to achieve additional brand exposure.

Reprints have a variety of uses including:
  • Handouts for tradeshows and conferences
  • Direct mail to customers and prospects
  • Press kit materials
  • Point-of-Sale enhancement
  • Promotional pieces for retailers
  • High impact visual aids
  • New product announcements
  • Training aids for educational purposes
  • Follow-up to prospect inquiries

Learn how to make reprints work for you by contacting LI Sail Reprint Service. 

Reprints of the stories in LI Sail can be produced in print or as a digital brochure. If you would like to purchase a reprint of any of the stories that apear in LI Sail please call 516.429.9060