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The LI Sail Financial Aid Package

During these financially hard times you can save big on advertising.

How big? How about 6 ¢ per viewer!
One of the great advantages to the fact that LI Sail is published online means we have no exorbitant printing costs, so, we can pass the savings on to our advertisers.
Why pay thousands of dollars for a full page ad? With LI Sail you can have a full page full color ad for $200. Our readers look at every page and LI Sail is on target to be read by 6000 readers this month.
$250 ÷ 4000 readers = .0625 ¢ per reader

That's crazy talk so take advantage of it while you can.

No gimmicks, no tricks. Like any magazine you supply the ad according to our specifications and we will run your ad in our next issue.

There will however be a $40 per hour (cheap) production fee for creating ads. If you create your own there is no set-up fee.

Click here for ad sizes and measurements.