A Digital Magazine about Long Island Sailing

Advantages to reading LI Sail:

  • Never miss an issue. Have you ever wondered if you received the latest issue of your print magazine? LI Sail will notify you by email when the new addition is published.
  • Take it anywhere you take your laptop. On a train, on a plane, on a boat, read LI Sail anywhere.
  • It also means that readers can access the magazine any time, any place from any computer with internet access.

Reads Like a magazine, only better.

  • Jump to the pages you like via hyperlinks in the table of contents.
  • Easy intuitive navigation. First you read one page then you read another. Just like a printed magazine.
  • Beautiful lighted presentation.
  • Embedded video and animation, that’s right, video in a magazine.
  • Flip book magazines are better than websites in that there is no need to adhere to confining HTML structural guidelines, flip books are structured like a printed magazine. In short, whatever layout style an offline magazine has, a flip book can perfectly simulate.

Finally, as users of the local waters we want to be responsible to our habitat.

  • An electronic flip-book uses no hazardous inks, no inks at all.
  • Don’t worry about if the paper is recyclable. We don’t use any.
  • Did I mention it’s 100% recyclable.

You can’t do all that with your father’s magazines.

Flip books are the future of online publishing.