A Digital Magazine about Long Island Sailing
Bridget Walter

About LI Sail

Hi, I'm Bridget Walter, publisher of LI Sail. I grew up on Long Island and have been sailing since 1967.Many of you know me and my photographs through North Fork Memories. My newest project, LI Sail is an Internet page-flipping magazine that brings my passion for sailing and photography together. LI Sail is an electronic flip book style magazine about sailing in Long Island waters.

LI Sail is filled with interesting and exciting stories and large, color photographs as well as video (yes, video in a magazine) on topics that affect Long Island sailors such as cruising, racing, favorite sailing towns, travel abroad, how-to's, club events, scuttlebutt, on board cooking, book reviews and more.

It is our belief at LI Sail that the Long Island sailing scene will benefit a great deal from a magazine that covers all aspects of sailing from yacht club regattas to wind surfing. If it has to do with sailing in the Long Island area we will cover it. To meet that goal we will need help therefore we are reaching out to members of the Long Island sailing community for assistance. See how you can contribute here.